// Remains Pt.2//

And the drinks were the justification

Of sleeping with me

Being with me

Lying to me

All hoping to change my world

To leave their mark

As if they were first world explorers 

Only leave with second hand fears

Of whether i will call 

or not

i’ve always preferred the latter

// Remains //

Their sex and their flesh
Their sweat and their breath
Its all that has been left
Of every woman I have met
The lust was the intoxication


// Bridges Never Traveled//

These bulging veins protruding from my hand

Are what have made me

The hate that flows

The anger that streams 

It’s the make up of my being

Burried until called upon

They lay dormant within the skin

The skin they hate

For being so feeble

So simple, so exposed!

But when the blood gets flowing

And its sailors are riding the current of my blood

Hate, Anger, and Sadness

Getting winded by fear

They stand and serve

Creating that stage

Its tourist are so glad to walk across

// Any Reason Will Do//

I need a bottle a whiskey she joked

To be able to write

I told her she was right

And would proceed to purchase 10

She said it was better to do it dry

 I’d say there is no soul in sober

She said “Or in drunk”

But there was truth

And what is the soul if anything but

So down the hatch the whiskey goes

Along with a made up justification

To have another drink

// Mr Fix It//

It has always been the most broken women 

That I’ve attracted the most

Their need for attention, fear of abandonment, or lost lovers

Are part of the roles I’ve had to fill

My need to fix things is what kept me around

Never really doing it though

And always have extra parts left over

Guess I can always sell them for scraps

// With a Y//

those words i shouldn’t have said

just cant find a way

to stay out this head

that im trying to compose 

to hold the thoughts

your beauty rose

the hair 

the dark

and the eyes

have held truth

to every lie 

that this heart has held true

with out having to say 

that i love you

// Put away //

tell the grasshopper to quiet down

the solitude is enough to make me deaf

cracking leafs and dying sounds

drowning out any thoughts

my steps have left

so let the moon crash on me

keep the trees blocking me

those sidewalk cracks keep stumbling me

my laughter breaks the barrier

created by the silence perpetrated

with every step i tried to take

as the carrier 

and i’d hate everything

that this night would try to bring

its all a silent shout

that would be feeling all left out

for there is nothing more 

that i could hold in

without spewing my guts 

and staying thin

// Animal kingdom//

The roar of a lion

That resides in my heart

The stomps of an elephant

Shaking me with every beat

Its an animal kingdom where I live

Stripes, spots, and patterns 

Are the make up of this skin

The animal rising within

Standing atop of the food chain 

With a crown of feathers

On a throne where 

The hunter becomes the hunted

// Store bought love//

id buy love but prefer to buy a drink

at least have something to enjoy

Or so i like to think

have as much or as little as id like

I would fill my cup to my desire

with every little drop telling me im right

I could easily get drunk off both

they’d have the same effect

yet only one gets stuck in my throat

difference is when i finish them

I know i would buy more liquor

But i don’t think i’d search for love again

// Delusions for the fearful type//

the night likes you to be afraid

so the moon stands white as a ghost

hanging with a ghastly stare

making every silhoutte a monster 

every sound echoing a little longer

giving it a bigger meaning than what it is

clouds moving slow and steady

sometimes being made to cry on colder nights

your spine is stacked with fear

leaving it harder to stand up

it makes mountains out of rocks

and oceans out of puddles

as your imagination runs away 

you try to catch up to

only to have your lungs and body tire 

faster than your imagination did

leaving you to deal all it created 

You may think I'm mad as a hatter, but here we all are. (All written work on this blog is my own personal work and owned by me unless otherwise noted and credited but feel free to reblog or like)