// Sot//

You try to write your life with an exclamation mark

Pretending like every new scene is a brand new start

Asking for the worlds attention

For every single word you mention

The thoughts and the deeds

Are all you want people to read

And in this world of fantasy 

You’ve forgotten about intimacy

No secrets to be shared

Like the body you’ve left bare

Those explosions at your wall

Should serve are a wake up call

That the war seek to create

Are not from the people you hate

But from those you left at the gate

// Sleeping With//

Those little fly away hairs

Shinning in the sun’s glare

Flailing like tiny little ideas leaving her head

That vanished before they could be read

Only to be found on the pillows of my bed

Vivid as if they were never dead

Every single one bringing a reminder

Of why we are lovers

I’ve stayed there with them 

Wondering why they would fall

From the woman who seemed to have it all

If they could come to an end

How long will it be until I lay among them

// Random Things I Hate #137//

When kids are dressed to be “fashionable”. Who and why would any one want their kids to look like grown adults, and furthermore what other kids would actually be impressed by this. Its a selfish thing for parents to do this to their kids for their own entertainment. Kids look much better in the favorite super hero shirt or cartoon character. This however does not mean they should look raggedy, dirty and like they just got out of mud pile. No need to raise a slob either, raise them to want to dress properly in their adult lives.

// Chosen Path//

Preoccupied with multiple lovers

But not enough time for a single one

Scattered thoughts of each one

Not of the joy they brought

But of how they got lost

Sloth took over my avarice

And I chose envy over my vanity

Keeping my pride rather than lust

Yet sometimes it’s vice versa

Until I’m left only with this wrath

// Not Just For The Dead//

Sleep never comes easy

Tired as I may be

The ambient noise is just as crazy

So turn and adjust, close and open 

Shout onto a silent wavelength

As I drift into a dark ocean

All my surroundings stay static

While the sky moves forward

And my insomnia remains psychosomatic

// Prominence over Precedent//

It’s been quiet a while since I took to writing. Something had been lacking. Passion, words, time, whatever it may be. I just came back from a trip I am hoping sparks something in my head to keep this going. Mid year resolution time! Making more time for writing. wherever or however I have to do it, if I need to write something do it then and there, before I lose the thoughts. 

go ahead and make your self a noose

keep on hoping and praying

for that lover to cut you loose

depend on your hopes and dreams

and while you sleep in bed

your nightmares make you scream

those cold sweats and drips

getting you wet in different spots

making you lose a grip

while you tell yourself that its alright

that alcohol induced actions

are the makings of a goodnight 

// Remains Pt.2//

And the drinks were the justification

Of sleeping with me

Being with me

Lying to me

All hoping to change my world

To leave their mark

As if they were first world explorers 

Only leave with second hand fears

Of whether i will call 

or not

i’ve always preferred the latter

// Remains //

Their sex and their flesh
Their sweat and their breath
Its all that has been left
Of every woman I have met
The lust was the intoxication


// Bridges Never Traveled//

These bulging veins protruding from my hand

Are what have made me

The hate that flows

The anger that streams 

It’s the make up of my being

Burried until called upon

They lay dormant within the skin

The skin they hate

For being so feeble

So simple, so exposed!

But when the blood gets flowing

And its sailors are riding the current of my blood

Hate, Anger, and Sadness

Getting winded by fear

They stand and serve

Creating that stage

Its tourist are so glad to walk across

You may think I'm mad as a hatter, but here we all are. (All written work on this blog is my own personal work and owned by me unless otherwise noted and credited but feel free to reblog or like)